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Hi! I am I will analyze your contracts and find what you are looking for in seconds! I can help you create contracts easily at the click of a button!

Central Contract Repository

Store, maintain and access your contracts all in one place. Easily view detailed records of your contracts on your own personalized dashboard. Ensure seamless accessibility with a fully searchable digital repository for all your contracts. 

Automate your contract drafting process

Sophia’s Automated Contract Generator enables you to create new contracts quickly, right from the dashboard, by picking general purpose or organization specific template libraries and clause libraries.

Sophia supports Arabic and Multi-Lingual contracts

Sophia supports Arabic or bilingual contracts. With its powerful auto-learning A.I., Sophia improves exponentially as more and more contracts are uploaded. The unique Arabic functionality is designed especially considering the requirements of businesses in the middle east, to help drive maximum value from Sophia. 

Fetch Key Obligations across all your contracts in seconds

Get AI driven Auto Extraction of Key Obligations including Contract Types, Dates and Party Names, in seconds! Save time and resources spent in manually fetching key contract information. Get high quality data extraction from your contracts free from human error. 

A.I. driven Cognitive Advanced Search capabilities

Discover Flawless Advanced Searches over multiple filters across your contracts. Get information across high volume contracts with A.I. driven Discovery search capabilities. Quickly find what you are looking for with advanced filters over metadata and cognitive AI-engine.  Fetch information not just for a particular keyword but also for similarly meaning words across contracts. 

Contract Risk Management with inbuilt Risk Flagging

With Sophia’s inbuilt Risk Flagging and Management feature, you quickly view the inherent risks on your contracts. These risks can be general or based on your internal requirements and constraints which you may need to enforce on all your contracts across your entire organization. 

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